Top 10 Unblogged Articles for 2018

To start off the year 2019 on Unblogged, we’d like to look back at the work we did through 2018 by listing out most viewed content throughout the year. Last time our guides were by far the most attractive articles. Did this continue in 2018? Let’s have a look!

10. Lost City of Omu Preview: Exalted Weapon Sets (56,000 views)

We start with the guide for Exalted Weapon Sets of Module 13. Starting with Omu, we really tried to make even more of an effort to preview all aspects of mods before they go live. It was something well received by our audience, and this isn’t the only Omu preview or guide that’s in our toplist. The weapons obviously played a vital role in progression and were “bis”, which is why the article drew a lot of interest.

9. All You Need to Know About the Neverwinter Ravenloft Release (58,000)

We always said how we felt Ravenloft was a major success for the game, at least in terms of player numbers. Many new souls got sucked into the mists and it comes to no surprise that our “All You Need to Know” primer for Module 14 was well clicked. It certainly did also help that there was a lot to figure out with a new hunts format and difficult endgame dungeon!

8. Soshenstar River Treasure Map Locations and Guide (62,000)

It’s a little surprising that an article from July 2017 still makes a toplist for 2018, but shows how well established our resources are. These map locations are always going strong, which makes the effort we put into them as much more rewarding.

7. River District Treasure Map Locations and Guide (66,000)

Talking about articles that age well, how about the freaking River District? Pretty surprising people still look up that mess, because the mod is pretty outdated. We certainly don’t hope people are still trying to farm Module 11 gear, because that would be a waste…

6. Chain of Scales Restoration Guide (74,000)

The Chain of Scales was one of the bigger secrets of Module 13, partially due to a nasty drop bug. Many players were not able to get it to mythic level because the Tyrant Hunt wasn’t dropping the necessary scale for a long time. So the guide getting many hits was probably due to players figuring out what the heck was going on. Fortunately that’s a thing of the past and the bug long fixed.

5. Neverwinter Community Watch (92,000)

The Community Watch, just like last year, gets sort of a honorable mention. It’s the total view for the format, which obviously runs every week. We still feel it belongs in here, because the Community Watch is one of our original columns and will stay as long as the site exists. There is simply no other weekly comprehensive source of builds, guides, forum topics, and everything else around the game. If you want to catch up, the “Watch” is there for you!

4. Neverwinter Ravenloft Preview: Hunts of Barovia [UPDATED] (100,000)

Barely not making the top three is our guide of the Ravenloft hunt system. But it is very much part of the 2018 reign of hunting, just like 2017 was the year of fishing. It seems like the most cruel grind mechanics do draw the most attention, even if it’s a love/hate relationship. Therefore it also makes sense that the Mod 14 hunts got the fewest views because the reworked system wasn’t as much of a mess any longer. The article still got 35% more views than any other single post on the site during the year.

3. Lost City of Omu Patrol Quests, Treasure Hunting, and Attached Rewards (160,000)

The only article that was able to challenge hunts was the Omu treasure hunting guide. People are lazy, folks. So all those maps and locations always click well. This article however might also be memorable for a completely different reason. We took the resources of a back then small emerging YouTuber and theorycrafter called “Rainer” for this one. Little did we know that he would soon become an Uncensored regular and nowadays tirelessly provides the community with all sorts of sheets and resources for the game.

2. Tomb of Annihilation Hunting Guide: Star Hunts (190,000)

All right, let’s get back to hunting! Even the Mod 12 hunts were clicking very well through 2018 and barely missed the 200,000 mark! It drew a lot of attention to our site, but we can’t say we miss the original design. It was just much too tedious. The devs significantly upped the drop rates with Mod 15 and made the whole process of getting to the Tyrant and King of Spines much less of a chore. So players are currently able to catch up if they like to.

1. Module 13 Preview: Hunts of Omu (234,000)

Our number one article of 2018 were the hunts in Omu! It indeed was the only article with over 200k views and had 46% more views than any other non-hunt related article. Like we said, this was really the year of the hunts for the site and the game and we are glad that we could apparently guide a lot of people through the grind! As always this toplist is also a hint what you can expect from the blog in 2019. We most definitely will continue throwing those previews and guides at you!

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    Wow it has been a year since then indeed. How time flies :-). Keep up the good work j0shi! You deserve every view for all the amazing work you’re doing!

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  • January 12, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    As someone who came back to the game this year after a 2-year break I must admit to have visited all of the articles presented here several times, I can only thank you guys for making my transition back into the game a rather smooth one 🙂

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      Cheers mate! Glad you’re enjoying the content!

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