Neverwinter Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post.

Here’s what happened during the last week:

  • Maze Engine dev blogs: The Shaundakul Lockbox Rides In and Endgame Improvements.
  • With The Maze Engine approaching, there are more and more videos of Castle Never runs.
  • And yeah, uhm, the challenge? Here’s a duo completion. Before you ask: Yes, it’s a Pally and a GWF.
  • But you can duo other content with GF/DC as well. eTOS for example. Completely not game related, but we recognized the sample used in the video song. Groovy!
  • Not as fancy, but still previewing one of the new/old dungeons, the Cloak Tower.
  • Strum is a cheater. Go tell everyone! EVERYONE!
  • Wiking Wings has a Youtube video up previewing the Module.
  • Seasoned guild Black Lotus is recruiting for quite some time now and upping the game with this trailer.
  • There are always tons of PVP videos each week, but not as many from Strongholds. That’s why this is worth sharing.
  • The legit question about how many characters are allowed is a legit one. Too bad nobody can answer it without being moderated. PWE has banned players for a shaky Fair Use Policy.
  • Currently there are some threads occurring in removed from the official forum that describe ludicrously high Deflect ratings. Some of them are a tooltip bug, others allegedly come from the Shadow Demon companion.
  • PSA: Character slots = storage space. Character slots sale = storage space sale. Especially if you have account wide bags from real money packages.
  • JayAgeDee has updated his Strongholds Spreadsheet with the Mod 9 numbers.


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